Our Services

Custom Engineering Plastics (CEP) provides our customers with assistance at each stage of their project, from initial concept through tool design/development, mold tryout and final sign-off.

In-house design capabilities backed by an experienced engineering department, assure a finished product which has been designed for manufacturability. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

From the simple to the complex, CEP routinely delivers precision tools and injection molded components fast and on time. CEP combines mold design, mold making and injection molding under one roof to provide rapid solutions.

CEP is dedicated to providing quality products and services to our customers. It is our belief that quality comes from a dedication to continuous improvement and a system that stresses prevention and inspection.

CEP Design

CEP is continually upgrading our facility. New injection presses, state-of-the-art Rapid Prototype machines, machining centers and the very latest CAD-CAM software will make sure your design is compatible with current industry standards. Our moldmakers are experts in Solidworks, SurfCam and AutoCAD.

Customer’s designs are run through a pre-check by our expert mold makers, ensuring optimum dimensional tolerances.

CEP works with our customers to make sure the end result is “Right The First Time”. We have experts on staff who can help you make the best material selection for your application.

Rapid Prototyping

We use a process called Fused Deposition Modeling to make our rapid prototypes.

We are proud that we can offer our customers a valuable tool that allows the designer to evaluate his/her design before the final mold is “set in concrete”. It enables the inventor to turn a complex design into a concrete product, even in the initial stages of a proposal.

Our Fused Deposition Modeling tools can produce limited runs (1 to 100) of your new design overnight. The prototype is an accurate representation of the final molded product.

We can produce parts in ABS material that are durable and rigid, in a variety of colors.

CEP will guarantee that your design will be downloaded, reviewed and quoted within a day, during business hours.

Production Molds

CEP specializes in high-performance, long-lasting aluminum tools with brass or steel components at critical wear points. We use the very latest high-speed, computer-controlled machining equipment to produce the finest molds in the business.

CEP Core Competencies:

  • All manner of mold designs: simple to complex, from following roughed-out inventions to exactly matching existing runs
  • Slides, Lifters, and Core Pulls
  • Aluminum Molds
  • Insert Molds and Overmolds
  • Hot Runner Molds
  • CEP System” Molds (A special proprietary method of manufacture – please ask about it)
  • All Polish Levels of surface finish

Injection Molding

CEP plastic injection molding equipment and processes ensure high quality parts at low cost.  Our equipment is microprocessor-controlled, and our operators are the best in the business.

CEP Core Competencies:

  • Lot sizes: 10 Pieces to a Million
  • Insert Molding
  • Sampling
  • Overmolding
  • SPC Capable
  • Full Production Capability
  • Experienced with all types of engineering grade materials