CEP has been San Diego’s leader in the production of high quality aluminum production tooling for over 30 years. CEP’s mold making and injection molding teams are experts in getting your product from “prints to parts” in record time, using state of the art CAD-CAM software to produce your tooling.

We excel at building high quality production tooling by partnering with our customers at the earliest possible stage in the development process. By being involved early, costly redesign work can be avoided and tool build lead time can be minimized.

Aluminum tooling is now widely accepted in the injection molding industry as more and more companies discover its many benefits. Faster tooling times, lower tooling and maintenance costs, shorter molding cycles and lower part prices are just some of the factors that make going with aluminum tools a win-win proposition for CEP and our customers. The end result being not only a tool which produces excellent parts, but one which is cost effective as well!